Brittany Golden St Louis Delivers Professional Pet Grooming

Brittany Golden Missouri

February 1, 2021

Brittany Golden St Louis

Follow the journey of professional pet groomer, Brittany Golden St Louis, as she continues her education and uses her extraordinary skills with pets.

Brittany Golden St Louis, of O’Fallon Missouri, is using her professional skills to deliver expert pet grooming for residents of the area. As a full-time student at Lindenwood University, Brittany Golden St Louis is also an avid master groomer. With a special bond with dogs and cats, Brittany Golden St Louis has advanced her career as a pet groomer to the next level.

She attended the Academy of Pet Careers and received Pet Empowerment Program certificates. The Pet Empowerment Program certificates enable Brittany Golden St Louis to better connect with the pet in a deeper sense. She deeply respects a pet’s boundaries and the human-pet relationship, which enables her to provide excellent service to her clients.

In addition, the Pet Empowerment Program teaches how to help minimize fear, anxiety, and stress in pets as well as provide unconditional love and patience. As Brittany Golden St Louis exercises the skills and practices, she has learned in the Academy, her clients know they can feel safe when dropping off their pet for grooming. In fact, feeling safe and comfortable is essential to the grooming procedure in the eyes of Brittany Golden St Louis. When pets are at ease in the groomer’s hands, they will get a much tighter cut, if that’s what the owner wants, and be less stressed throughout. Brittany Golden St Louis takes care to do a professional, expert job when grooming dogs or cats.

Cats are particularly challenging to work with when it comes to grooming, but Brittany Golden St Louis has a Master Cat Grooming Certificate from the National Cat Grooming Association. This certification along with the Pet Empowerment certificate enables her to groom all types of cats.

On top of all these skills and training, Brittany Golden St Louis has developed master grooming techniques and even knows pet C.P.R. This creates a safe environment for the pets.

Between her higher education and various pet certifications, Brittany Golden St Louis is achieving her goals of professional pet grooming and more. As she continues to achieve her pursuits, Brittany Golden St Louis will add to her accomplishments.