Brittany Golden Missouri Cat Groomer Answers: Should You Shampoo Your Cat at Home?

Brittany Golden Missouri

February 25, 2021

Brittany Golden Missouri Cat Groomer Answers: Should You Shampoo Your Cat at Home?

This blog examines the efficacy of shampooing your cat’s fur between grooming visits. Between visits to Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer, you can bathe your cat at home to increase their cleanliness and maintain their grooming. You can do these multiple ways without angering your feline or getting scratched by the kitty.

Dry or Wet Shampoo?

You will typically anger your feline if you attempt to bathe him or her regularly in a wet environment, warns Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer. Cats tend to dislike water. If you have a long-haired cat, wet bathing becomes necessary since their fur grows too thick to maintain using dry shampoo. You can have a long-haired cat’s fur-trimmed to help with this, but you may not want to do this if you adore the breed’s fluffiness such as a Persian or Himalayan.

You can easily maintain your short-haired feline’s fur with dry shampoo though, suggest Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer. A plethora of these exist, and you can order them online via stores like Chewy or Petco. You can also purchase a groomer-recommended dry shampoo when you visit Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer. These dry shampoos contain simple but effective ingredients that do not cause harm to your kitty cats like baking soda and oatmeal.

Some websites provide recipes for you to make these dry shampoos at home. This can come in handy if your cat gets into something stinky while playing outdoors, and you find you ran out of the shampoo you had purchased, says Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer.

Tips for Not Getting Scratched

Dry Bathing Method: This method uses a full-sized bath towel. Shake the dry shampoo into the towel lightly coating it. Wrap your cat, kitty burrito-style in the towel with the shampoo coating on the inside. Lightly rub the towel against their fur. You will disperse the shampoo without getting scratched. The dry shampoo needs to remain in place for five minutes to effectively clean the cat, so keep holding on to your feline during this time. You might pet the top of their head or scratch them behind the ears to encourage happiness and a nice purr, suggest Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer. After five minutes, you remove the towel and brush or comb out their fur.

Wet Bathing Method: This method also requires a full-sized bath towel. Use the kitchen sink for the bathing area since its smaller size makes it easier to control the cat. Use a natural product like apple cider vinegar or cat shampoo. Rather than using the faucet to wet the cat which can spook them, fill a measuring cup or two with lukewarm water. Hold your feline by the scruff of their fur, so they will not squirm. This is located at the back of their neck and consists of fatty tissue and fur. It is the area where their mother would have picked them up with her mouth to carry them from one place to another as kittens, explains Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer. You can firmly grasp the cat here without harming them. Pour one measuring cup of warm water over the cat to wet them. Pour over the vinegar and use your free hand to massage it into the feline’s fur. Rinse the feline using the other measuring cup of warm water. Use the towel to wrap your cat, kitty burrito style and towel dry them.

You have successfully bathed your cat and extended the results of their grooming visit. You did not even get scratched, jokes Brittany Golden Missouri cat groomer. Now, feed your cat his or her favorite meal and enjoy how lovely they smell.